Small Business

USA Tax & Accounting business tax services help you gain the clarity you need to focus your planning and execution on the issues that matter most to your company and its goals. With our expertise we help you analyze the implications of modifications and updates to the tax reform law so you can adjust your tax plans as change happens.

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Cleanup and update old accounting and bookkeeping financials.
- Online banking
- Merchant accounts
- Account Receivable and Payable
- Collections
- Payroll
- General Ledger and Banking Reconciliation
- Cash Flow analysis
- Prepare Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Income Taxes for all kind of Businesses and Corporation
- E-filing
- Preparing 1099’s
- File Sch. K
- Sales Taxes with BOE
- Federal and all of USA State Taxes
- Help Corporation Suspensions with Secretary of State
- Corporation Reviver and Dissolution